KINAKU Collars and dogs accesories handmade from Mexico Collar mexican textilex2

with love from Mexico

The Kinakú Collection is all about different dog accessories, handmade by Mexican indigenous communities.

Each Kinakú design represents and expresses the culture of different indigenous communities that we are working with. As an animal lover company, Kinakú is passionate to deliver a premium product for you and your dog.


Kinakú, “my heart” in Totonac language, references a connection with one’s beloved. To express this special symbol of unity, love, and reverence to the caring indigenous communities and their culture, we invite you to share the experience through a special dog collar that promotes this special bond.»

«Our vision is to create sustainable products to benefit the indigenous people of Mexico.» We want to help mantain the traditional handicrafts of each community for future generations. Kinakú is keen to ensure fair wages for the indigenous artisans.

Our dream is to bring a little piece of the rich Mexican culture to the world.

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KINAKU Collars and dogs accesories handmade from Mexico Collar suytun becan